Cannon & Nelms, P.C., Attorneys at Law

Cannon & Nelms, P.C.’s strong track record of success in numerous jury trials over the last twenty years is well known in the legal community. While it is true that most cases can and should be resolved without the need for a trial, Cannon & Nelms, P.C.’s widely respected reputation for success in jury trials also contributes to its ability to achieve favorable dispositions and settlements for its clients in matters that are concluded without a trial.  Cannon & Nelms, P.C.’s trial lawyers possess jury trial skills that can only be obtained through decades of successfully prosecuting and defending cases to a jury.  The firm is often called upon to assume the handling of complex, high exposure cases when a trial is imminent and settlement seems unlikely.

Cannon & Nelms, P.C. has consistently achieved outstanding results for its clients over the last two decades by trying their cases; settling their legal disputes, and providing them with sound legal advice and counseling.  Cannon & Nelms, P.C. is also very proud of the long standing personal and professional relationships that its partners have developed with its clients over the years.